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Jan 11, 2024


Commutifi Successfully Achieves SOC 2® Compliance

Nov 28, 2023


Commutifi Co-Founder Esteban Sanchez Named Forbes Social Impact 30 Under 30

Aug 1, 2023


Commutifi Launches Location-Based "Commute AI" to Streamline Access to Simple, Relevant Commuting Information

Apr 21, 2023

2m read

TransLink helps companies make commuting more sustainable with Commutifi

Feb 23, 2023

42m video

Keynote Fireside Chat Mini-Series: TDM in Philadelphia

Jan 30, 2023

2 min

We’re Proud to Be Recognized as a 2023 Partner for Best Workplaces for Commuters!

Dec 15, 2022

2m read

DDOT Applies Tailormade Technology to Ensure Compliance of DC’s Parking Cashout Law

Nov 16, 2022


Commutifi's Head of Operations Connor Martin Receives ACT's 40 Under 40 Award

Oct 26, 2022

60m video

Going Green: Using TDM to Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals

Oct 20, 2022

45m video

Keynote Fireside Chat Mini-Series: Along for the Ride

Oct 17, 2022

3m read

Boulder-based partnership to levy new tax credit for alternative transportation options

Oct 12, 2022


Commutifi and Liftango launch a new product aimed at helping Colorado companies maximize the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit

Oct 3, 2022


What is Commuter Data and Why Should Employers Keep Track of it?

Sep 29, 2022


How to Improve Employee Parking Programs and Reduce Parking Demand—Without the Stress

Sep 12, 2022


What Are Commuter Surveys and How Do They Help Save Companies Money?

Sep 8, 2022

45m video

Keynote Fireside Chat Mini-Series: Open Mobility Foundation

Aug 29, 2022


Why Shared Rides Matter in Commuting

Aug 29, 2022

Employer TDM Guide

Aug 25, 2022

21m video

ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: TMA Council

Aug 17, 2022


Changing Traditional Commuting Is Hard. Here’s How Benefits, Incentives, and Subsidies Make It Easier.

Aug 15, 2022


Active Commuting is Taking Over. Here’s Why.

Aug 11, 2022

20m video

ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: Technology & Innovation Council

Aug 10, 2022


#ACT22 Highlights, Awards, After-Hours, and More

Jul 28, 2022

38m video

S2E08: TDM in LEED Scoring

Jul 14, 2022

20m video

ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: Vanpool Council

Jun 30, 2022

22m video

S2E07: Mobility Data Standards

Jun 16, 2022

45m video

Keynote Fireside Chat Mini-Series: UN-INNOVATION

Jun 2, 2022

20m video

ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: Telework / AWA

May 19, 2022

28m video

S2E06: Universal Basic Mobility

May 19, 2022


Three Ways You Can Make Every Day Bike-To-Work Day for Your Employees

May 5, 2022

20m video

ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: Higher Education Council

Apr 26, 2022


How Flexible Work (and Commuting) Can Help Companies Attract and Retain Talent in the “Great Reshuffle”

Apr 22, 2022


Celebrate Earth Day By Planting a Tree On Us

Apr 21, 2022

29m video

S2E05: Changing Parking Regulations for Affordable Housing Creation

Apr 20, 2022


The Difference Between Good and Bad Employee Benefits Is a Data-Driven Commuter Survey

Apr 7, 2022

29m video

S2E04: Dynamic Carpool Matching

Mar 30, 2022


Here’s How Employers Are Turning Their Commuter Goals Into Reality

Mar 29, 2022


A Spotlight Interview with Commutifi CEO Rich Schmelzer

Mar 24, 2022

30m video

S2E03: The Mobility Energy Productivity (MEP) Metric

Mar 17, 2022

12m read

Managing Employee Commute Spending in the Hybrid Workplace

Mar 15, 2022


How to Help Your Employees Take Advantage of Amenities Offered by Your Building or Coworking Studio

Mar 10, 2022

30m video

S2E02: Vanpools

Feb 24, 2022

32m video

S2E01: Transit Evangelism

Feb 8, 2022


What you need to know about Washington, D.C.’s Parking Cashout Law

Jan 25, 2022

15m read

CRE Commuter Data Imperative

Jan 13, 2022

33m video

S1E36: Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT)

Jan 3, 2022

24m video

S1E35: A Year In Review pt.2

Dec 23, 2021

19m video

S1E34: A Year In Review

Dec 16, 2021

21m video

S1E33: Workplace EV Charging

Dec 15, 2021


Commutifi's Head of Insights Receives 2021 ACT 40 Under 40 Award

Dec 8, 2021

27m video

S1E32: Group Transit Passes

Dec 1, 2021

31m video

S1E31: Location Sustainability

Nov 19, 2021


Commutifi and Liftango Launch Joint Solution to Optimize Commuting for Employers and Commercial Real Estate

Nov 18, 2021

27m video

S1E30: Transit Data Accessibility

Nov 17, 2021


Commuting for the Hybrid Workplace

Nov 11, 2021

24m video

S1E29: Public Transit Data

Nov 4, 2021

26m video

S1E28: Electric Last Mile Shuttles

Oct 28, 2021

28m video

S1E27: Autonomous Vehicles Colorado (AvCo)

Oct 21, 2021

28m video

S1E26: Autonomous Vehicles

Oct 14, 2021

23m video

S1E25: Educating Future Transportation Leaders

Oct 8, 2021

28m video

S1E24: Shared Mobility Architecture

Sep 30, 2021

32m video

S1E23: Direct Mobility Incentives

Sep 23, 2021

32m video

S1E22: Technology-Driven Parking Management

Sep 16, 2021

30m video

S1E21: Commuter Data

Sep 9, 2021

32m video

S1E20: TDM for Refugee Communities

Sep 2, 2021

23m video

S1E19: Co-Working

Aug 26, 2021

28m video

S1E18: Demand Responsive Transit

Aug 19, 2021

32m video

S1E17: Micro-Mobility for Private Communities

Aug 17, 2021


Movmi: #PartnerSpotlight

Aug 12, 2021

28m video

S1E16: Universal Micro-Mobility Charging

Aug 5, 2021

49m video

S1E15: The 35th Annual ACT International Conference

Jul 29, 2021

42m video

S1E14: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies

Jul 22, 2021

35m video

S1E13: Flexible Transit Mobile Ticketing

Jul 15, 2021

29m video

S1E12: Asset Light Shuttle Operations

Jul 7, 2021

26m video

S1E11: The Commuter

Jun 24, 2021

33m video

S1E10: TMAs

Jun 17, 2021

30m video

S1E9: Teleworking

Jun 10, 2021

29m video

S1E8: Scoring

Jun 3, 2021

29m video

S1E7: Driverless Shuttles

May 27, 2021

32m video

S1E6: Electrifying Shuttles

May 20, 2021

26m video

S1E5: Colorado's ETRP

May 13, 2021

26m video

S1E4: eBikes

May 5, 2021

33m video

S1E3: MORE Through TDM Act

Apr 30, 2021

3M Read

15-Minute City

Apr 29, 2021

30m video


Apr 22, 2021

29m video

S1E1: Behavioral TDM

Mar 3, 2021

11m audio

How Employers Can Make Commuting a Choice

Jan 4, 2021

2m read

Commutifi Receives Efficient Solution Label

Nov 9, 2020

3m read

Two ACT 40 Under 40 Award Winners

Sep 29, 2020

60m video

The Distributed Office Model

Jul 17, 2020

2m read

Commutifi Partners with Boulder B-Cycle

Jul 16, 2020

2m read

Commutifi Wins FIA Start-Up Contest

May 28, 2020

30m video

Return to Work Webinar: Part 5

May 21, 2020

30m video

Return to Work Webinar: Part 4

May 14, 2020

30m video

Return to Work Webinar: Part 3

May 12, 2020

30m video

Return to Work Webinar: Part 2

May 7, 2020

30m video

Return to Work Webinar: Part 1

Apr 20, 2020

15m read

Returning to Work Best Practices

Mar 25, 2020

6m read

How to Improve Commutes before Employees Return

Jul 1, 2018

20m read

Mapping Incentives to Change

Feb 12, 2018

4m read

The Impact of Shared Mobility on Parking

Feb 5, 2018

6m read

Commutifi Drives Traffic

May 1, 2017

15m read