Commutifi Launches Location-Based "Commute AI" to Streamline Access to Simple, Relevant Commuting Information

Aug 1, 2023

Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

BOULDER, Colo., August 1, 2023 - Commutifi, a global commute technology company, has launched Commute AI, a new location-based AI tool to make accessing commuting and transportation information easy, personalized, and more equitable.

With numerous routes and transport modes—not to mention incentives and programs—available to them from a growing number of organizations, commuters often miss out on valuable information that can improve the way they get to and from work, campus, or events. Commute AI brings all this disparate information into a single place, helping transportation system users easily access the information they need to make more time-, cost-, and CO2-efficient choices. It’s easy to use, making it simple for anyone to find answers and advice without extensive searching.

Trained on aggregated, region-specific data, Commute AI can answer users’ questions with specific, relevant, and timely information. No longer do users need to waste precious time jumping website to website searching for the information they need.

Commute AI is designed to effortlessly deliver relevant information when and how users need it” said Esteban Sanchez, Co-Founder and CTO of Commutifi. “With the capacity to cater to diverse languages and communication methods, we're broadening access to a more equitable transportation experience.”

Commute AI is built to be used by stakeholders globally across the mobility ecosystem. Employers in the San Francisco Bay Area are launching the tool to help their employees take advantage of their employee perks; cities are exploring how to help residents better access information from the many mobility and transit providers in their area; and universities like University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver are providing the tool to their students, staff, and faculty to increase ease of access to key transportation and parking information on campus.

“We’re excited to bring Commutifi’s new AI tool to our campus community,” said Adam Hyslop, Transportation Planning Manager at UBC. “We hope this new tool will help UBC’s students, staff, and faculty access information and resources to help them make smart commute choices that save them time and money while helping to advance our shared sustainability, wellbeing, and climate action goals.”

To learn more about Commutifi’s Commute AI, visit to schedule a demo.

About Commutifi:

Commutifi is the world’s most trusted data-powered commuter platform for employers, universities and hospitals, MPOs and DOTs, and individuals. Its patented Commuter Score provides a standardized methodology to compare commutes and identify the best option for each individual according to time, cost, and carbon. Through the complex information collected about each commuter, transportation managers can easily plan, measure, monitor, manage, report, and predict commuter behavior. Commutifi customers include Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and state departments of transportation.

Media Contact:

Name: Andy Keeton


Title: VP Global Strategy

Phone: 720-242-6358

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.