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what we do

Commutifi uses data to make transportation better for Cities, Enterprises, Business Districts, and Real-Estate Developers.


Capture comprehensive commute data, including carpool, ride-share, parking, mass transit, biking and walking

Suggest greener, cheaper and more efficient commute solutions

Integrate and manage new modes of transportation

Reward and subsidize sustainable behaviour changes

The arrival of the “information everywhere” world has opened up new opportunities to make the existing transportation network far more efficient and user friendly.
— Deloitte

Here's why we do it

New technologies and services are dramatically shifting traditional transportation.

  • Transit systems are fragmented, disjointed and missing first/last mile solutions.
  • Emerging transportation solutions often fail to deliver the combination of convenience, flexibility and cost-efficiency, critical to convert the masses away from single occupancy vehicles.
  • Autonomous vehicles will be a major disruptor in all aspects of the current transportation dynamics.
  • Businesses and Municipalities struggle to adapt their infrastructure due to lack of real-time data and efficient solutions.

Here's how we do it

City of Boulder,Colorado

COMMUTIFI is engaged with the City of Boulder on a number of projects to improve mobility options and access to the downtown business district and other destinations within the city and county.


Here's how we do it

Denver Union Station

COMMUTIFI was hired in the Fall of 2016 to help Denver Union Station manage transportation and mobility for its 14,000 daily visitors.


Here's how we do it


"Commuter Desk powered by COMMUTIFI" is a service that allows WeWork members to receive automated recommendations for the most time and cost efficient ways to get to and from the office.