Here's What we do

Commutifi provides sustainable
multi-modal commuting,
micro-transit, rideshare and
parking solutions.

Developing "qualified" commuter plans for employees to get to and from work

Suggesting greener cheaper solutions including carpool, mass transit, biking, walking

Using pre-tax dollars to pay for "qualified" commuting plans

Subsidized Uber and Lyft Rides

Because we are in cities and we’re doing this without autonomous technology, is there a way to optimistically lead through that (transition to driverless technology)?
— Kalanick

Here's why we do it

Autonomous vehicles fleets will become widespread.

  • Parking meters will become obsolete.
  • Automobile usage is in decline and rideshare usage among Lyft and Uber are at all time highs.
  • Monthly parking passes will evolve into multi-modal commuter passes that allow users to drive, rideshare, etc.
  • A Millennial today is 30% less likely to buy a car than someone from the previous generation.

Here's how we do it

City of Boulder,Colorado

COMMUTIFI is engaged with the City of Boulder on a number of projects to improve mobility options and access to the downtown business district and other destinations within the city and county.


Here's how we do it

Denver Union Station

COMMUTIFI was hired in the Fall of 2016 to help Denver Union Station manage transportation and mobility for its 14,000 daily visitors.


Here's how we do it

Colorado Chautauqua

In Spring of 2017 COMMUTIFI helped Chautauqua Park Concert Series negotiate and execute an agreement with UBER for designated safe pick up and drop off locations to and from this historic concert venue.