Commutifi Co-Founder Esteban Sanchez Named Forbes Social Impact 30 Under 30

Nov 28, 2023

Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

November 28, 2023 - Esteban Sanchez, Commutifi co-founder and CTO, has been named to the 2024 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Social Impact category, which recognizes those who are “leveraging business smarts to save the world.”

Esteban co-founded Commutifi with serial start-up founder Rich Schmelzer to address the urgent need to slash global commuting emissions. Esteban currently serves as the company’s CTO, overseeing development of technology that helps large organizations build commuting programs that cost less and do more, while drastically reducing the environmental impact of commuting.

"Scope 3, Category 7 emissions (employee commutes) are among the largest contributors to organizations’ greenhouse gas emissions, but they’re often overlooked because it's hard to quantify and reduce what you cannot see,” says Rich. “It’s a problem that presents a significant opportunity for change, and we’re thrilled that Esteban has been recognized for his leadership in this space.”

Forbes’ recognition of Esteban speaks to the growing consensus in the private sector and beyond that the adverse environmental effects of commuting can no longer be ignored. Commuting emissions alone often account for as much as half a company’s total carbon output, and investors and regulators increasingly expect ESG plans to include steps toward better commuting programs. Greener commutes don’t just save the plane: they also represent major opportunities for companies to cut costs and increase employee happiness.

Spearheaded by Esteban, Commutifi’s technology has helped organizations globally - from growing tech companies to Fortune 500 enterprises - save up to 25x their emissions baselines while reducing costs by as much as 65%. Commutifi also works with governments and public agencies, including TransLink, D.C.’s District Department of Transportation, and the City of Boulder, to scale its impact.

Often, an environmental impact goes hand-in-hand with equity goals. By increasing access to clean, reliable, and affordable commuting options, Esteban says he aims to connect more individuals with the jobs, places, and people they want and need to reach.

“Transportation is at the core of how we live, how we connect, and how we work,” explains Esteban. “By bringing together more efficient and sustainable mobility, we create more equitable opportunities for millions of people.”


About Commutifi

Commutifi makes centralized software for commuting at scale. Enterprise businesses, universities, hospitals, and public sector entities use Commutifi to build, launch, and manage programs, as well as procure commute technology and services. Commutifi’s approach centers on data, insights, and action. We believe that when organizations understand their full commuting landscape, they can make decisions and take action with confidence. And they can do it all through Commutifi. Commutifi customers include Fortune 500 companies, major transit agencies, and departments of transportation.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.