Return to Work Webinar: Part 4

May 21, 2020

Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

Commutifi has partnered with Beeline Mobility to launch a 5-part Return to Work Best Practices webinar series.

In this fourth installment, we invite guests Marie-France Laurin of Netlift and Jacob Greig of Liftango to discuss how organizations can adapt their policies to ensure success during and after the pandemic.


  • Marie-France Laurin: Chief Development Officer, Netlift

  • Jacob Greig: VP Americas, Liftango

  • Andy Keeton: Sustainability & Product Strategist, Commutifi

  • Bobby Lauterjung: Co-Founder and Director, Beeline Mobility

  • Josh Jacobson: Sustainable Commute Integrations, Commutifi

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Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.