Commutifi and Liftango launch a new product aimed at helping Colorado companies maximize the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit

Oct 12, 2022

Shahed Abotouk

Marketing Coordinator

Boulder, CO, October 12, 2022 - Commutifi, a Boulder-based commute solutions company has launched a program to help eligible companies in Colorado plan and submit their employees’ commute programs to receive a 50% return on their Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program costs through the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit.

The new product is designed in response to the State of Colorado’s announcement that it will be providing tax relief to employers that promote alternative transportation options to their employees in 2023-2024. The final rules and clarification for accepted expenses will be released by the State in 2023, however getting started now ensures you collect the right data and will be ready to maximize your credit.

Commutifi has partnered with leading shared mobility technology provider Liftango to present Colorado employers with a host of alternative transportation options for their commuters. Liftango’s climate-positive carpool and Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solutions deliver customized commuter mobility strategies that are exclusive, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated with Commutifi’s data-driven commuter benefits programs. This partnership between Commutifi and Liftango unlocks a complete solution that empowers employers to design a holistic TDM strategy that reduces emissions, solves parking capacity challenges, and improves corporate sustainability.

“With this legislation Colorado has set the conditions to take a truly meaningful step towards changing commuting behaviors across the state. TDM works when legislation, data and technology come together to drive behavioral change. We are excited about partnering with Commutifi to support the businesses of Colorado to maximize the human and environmental benefits of the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit.” Says Jacob Greig, CCO of Liftango.

Powered by Commutifi’s data-powered commuter platform, this new product provides a simple, five-step approach for companies who are looking to apply and maximize the tax credit. This product streamlines the entire process by offering a full analysis of companies’ commuter programs and goals:

1. Calculate their savings potential

  • Commutifi reviews all commuting program costs, including shuttles, carpool, transit passes, parking, and more to determine how much companies could save with the tax credit.

2. Meet State requirements

  • Commutifi deploys the “Register your Commute” platform at the workplace to meet the minimum requirements of the credit program to educate employees on alternate modes of transportation to and from the office.

3. Create improved TDM programs

  • Commutifi works with the company to promote TDM programs designed to reduce the cost, time, and environmental impact of employee commuting.

4. Submit TDM plan to State

  • Submit the commuter program and admin costs to the State, including how the company intends to notify employees about TDM plans and the steps to encourage employees to use alternate transportation options.

5. Gather all commute documents and finalize their application

  • Export and include supporting documentation from the Commutifi platform and give testimony to the department to support the Tax Credit application.

"The new tax credit once again shows that Colorado is a leader in alternative transportation. By assisting businesses across the state in creating the best commuting options possible, the State is prioritizing employee happiness and retention while reducing overall commuter emissions. We're excited to be working alongside Liftango on a solution to support employers in Colorado by streamlining the entire process of claiming the credit and optimizing their employee commuter solutions.” Says Andy Keeton, Head of Insights at Commutifi.

The solution is available now as a stand-alone product for companies eligible for the Colorado tax credit. Contact for more information.

About Liftango

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Commutifi is the world’s most trusted data-powered commuter platform for businesses, commercial real estate, cities, and individuals. Their patented Commuter Score provides a standardized methodology to compare commutes and identify the best option for each individual according to time, cost, and carbon. Transportation managers can easily plan, measure, monitor, manage, report, and predict commuter behavior through the complex information they collect about each commuter. Commutifi customers include the City of Boulder, CDPHE, and Fortune 500 Companies.

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Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.