The Difference Between Good and Bad Employee Benefits Is a Data-Driven Commuter Survey

Apr 20, 2022

Shahed Abotouk

Marketing Coordinator

Answer this question: Are your employees happy with their commute to and from work? If you answered yes, how do you know what your employees think and feel about your organization’s implemented employee benefits?

Is Sally from Sales happy with the monthly parking pass, even though she’s an avid public transit rider? Is Halima from HR able to drop her kids off at daycare on her way to work without stressing about getting to the office on time while stuck in traffic? Or are your commuter amenities so flexible that you are absolutely confident your employees are happy with them?

The easiest way to understand if the commuter amenities at your company are working efficiently for employees is through a good commuter survey


A commuter survey is a collection of important and accurate data collected from your employees to understand and address their commuting needs. With this information, you can customize a successful program to meet people where they are and take them to where they need to be. 


Now more than ever, companies are reworking their sustainability goals and workplace culture, and employee commuter amenities are a huge part of that. From a sustainability perspective, measuring employee commutes is crucial if you are trying to lower your company’s carbon footprint and the amount of CO2 emissions contributed through commuting to and from work. 


And on the other hand, improving workplace culture by offering flexibility is exactly what employees are looking for in an organization right now. It might seem overwhelming to scrap the programs that used to work and start over, but it doesn’t have to be!

Automating the process of collecting accurate data through a data-driven survey built to support commute management is the most favored way to implement change in the workplace. Here’s how it works:

1. Data Collection: Collect the exact commuting data you need.

Help your commuters record complex commutes with easy-to-use multi-modal route mapper. Then automatically turn those responses into quantified insights that give you the why behind each commute.

See if Sally,  Halima and the rest of the team can benefit from a flexible Mobility Card for example, so that they could choose how they want to commute, whenever they want, and you only pay for what they use… which results in you NEVER overspending, and reducing C02 emissions! 

2. Customization: Customize your survey to address your organization’s needs. 

Customize your questions to increase response accuracy of your commute questions. Employers love using our proven templates and can also customize questions that are unique to their organization’s commuting ecosystem. 

3. Distribution: Easily distribute surveys to your commuters

No more hassle! No more sticky notes of reminders to get this survey sent out! Quickly send your survey to 1 employee or to 1,000 with a single file upload. Track your responses in real time and send reminders to commuters who have uncompleted surveys.

It’s that easy! Now, let’s answer that question again: Are your employees happy with their commute to and from work? How do you know?  

Start your commuting data journey off right with a survey specifically built to do the job. Learn more about the Commutifi Commuter Survey here.

If this information gets you excited about improving your organization’s commuter amenities, get in touch with us for a free demo of our commuter survey and other automated solutions here.  

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.