S1E21: Commuter Data

Sep 16, 2021

Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

Between the Lines S1E21: Commuter Data

with Esteban Sanchez


Why will Commuter Data help save the planet?

On this week's episode of Between the Lines, we chat with Esteban Sanchez, the co-founder and CTO of Commutifi.

Esteban is an entrepreneur coming from a software engineering background who is passionate about the combination of data, product innovation, and creativity to solve real world challenges using technology. He believes data is not just about the numbers, but about the story it tells and the impact it can create on people.

At Commutifi, he’s been applying a data-driven approach to the transportation ecosystem to help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their commuters and drive sustainable change through Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. Commutifi’s technology is currently used by various cities, governments, fortune 500 companies, consultants and TMAs across North America.

And check out Esteban's favorite commuting pod on our exclusive commuter playlists on Spotify!

  • King Melrose - Ça se danse

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.