S1E10: TMAs

Jun 24, 2021

Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

Between the Lines S1E10: TMAs

with Joan Lyons


Why will TMAs help save the planet?

On this week's episode of Between the Lines, we chat with Joan Lyons. Joan is the Planning and TDM Projects Manager at Boulder Transportation Connections and Boulder Chamber, the City of Boulder's Transportation Management Association (TMA).

With a Master's in Urban Development and Management from Erasmus University - Rotterdam in the Netherlands, she strives to think of the bigger picture and how policy and planning impact our world. Outside of her work in transportation planning, Joan has previously engaged in consulting work for Colorado water planning issues and has contributed to Harvard Graduate School of Design research on the 'Just City' concept. She currently serves on the RTD Citizens Advisory Committee and Boulder B-cycle Board, and is an American Planning Association Colorado Board Member.

And check out Joan's favorite commuting song on our exclusive commuter playlists on Spotify and Joan's Morning Transportation playlist here!

  • Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac

  • Phone - Lizzo

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.