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Security and Privacy

Keeping your data safe and secure is our number one priority. With a cloud-based infrastructure we’re committed to security, privacy, and compliance.

Account protection

Only you can access your account.

We offer a secure account system that ensures each account can only be accessed by its owner. For companies looking to centralize authentication and add an extra layer of security, we integrate with your single sign-on through the OAuth2.0 protocol.

Data Security

Your data is secure at all times.

We take every necessary step to keep your data secure. We follow the highest data security standards in the industry: storing data in our SOC 2  accredited data center, using encryption for all data at rest, and secure HTTPS connections for data in transit.


Your data is yours.

We treat privacy and transparency with the utmost importance and promise to never sell or distribute any personally identifiable information. Our platform is fully compliant with the strictest privacy regulations around the world, including GDPR and the California Privacy Protection Act.

Privacy Policy

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