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LEED Scoring

Collect your LEED O&M 4.1 Transportation Performance data quickly and accurately with our integrated commute survey.

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Arc Integration

Obtain your LEED Transportation Performance score through our Arc integration.

Use our integrated survey to ensure you receive the most accurate score for LEED O&M 4.1.

How it works

A seamless process to get a high LEED Transportation Performance score.


Register building occupants.

Building occupants register with Commutifi using a unique link you provide them.


Connect your Arc

Connect your ARC account quickly and easily on your Commutifi dashboard.


Watch your Score update automatically.

Your LEED Transportation Performance score is automatically calculated and updated.


Improve your
LEED Score.

Improve your LEED transportation score using Commutifi tools and tracking.

Real Estate

Use Commutifi to optimize your real estate operation.

Take your LEED integration commuter data to the next level by efficiently managing parking and mobility programs for your tenants.


Monthly Parking Pass

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Take one step closer to LEED Platinum with a perfect Transportation Performance score.

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