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Connected Data

Start integrating your services. Commutifi connects with all your mobility and parking providers to gather real-time information about how your commuters are getting to and from the office.


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Real-time Data

Power your commute ecosystem with accurate information every single day.

No more manually compiling your data every week. Manage programs, incentivize employees, and measure ROI using actionable real-time data.

Connect Mobility Providers

See all your providers’ data in one integrated platform.

Managing many disparate data streams can get complex. Integrate your mobility and parking providers to view and analyze all your data in one place.


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Connected Systems

We support providers across the entire commuting ecosystem.


Track on-site parking usage via gate or LPR integrations and off-site with our partners across the public and private sectors.


Connect your preferred shuttle management provider to map shuttle rides to commuting metrics.


Measure carpool metrics and adoption by integrating your commuters’ favorite carpool provider technologies.


Uber and Lyft integrations help you quantify the impacts of your rideshare and emergency ride home programs.


Connect corporate bike fleets or activate an integration with your local bikeshare providers to track usage in real-time.


Go beyond traditional metrics by tracking active commutes using integrations with popular activity trackers, like Strava.


Map your rewards programs with mode choice via connections with rewards cards and providers.

And more...

Don’t see your solution listed? We’re constantly adding new providers to our network.

Import Your Data

Bring in data from all your providers and systems.

Commuting data come from a wide variety of sources. Whichever system you use, manually import it into Commutifi to create a single, holistic view of your commuting ecosystem.

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