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Commuter Score

Get your very own Commuter Score - the only way to measure the impact of your commute with a single number.

what’s a commuter score

Our Commuter Score patented technology

Our technology analyzes every aspect of your commute, comparing it to all available options on the market and within your organization, to produce a single score from 0-100. Each Commuter Score is calculated based on time, cost, and carbon emissions.

How it works

We create a baseline designed for today’s commuting reality.

Commuter Data

We collect accurate commuting data from your commuters with our integrated mobility surveys.

Mobility Integrations

We integrate with dozens of mobility and parking providers to offer the most accurate and up-to-date measurements.

City Infrastructure

We connect into transportation feeds to better understand your commuters’ time, cost, and carbon.

Supports all commute modes.

Our integrations and flexibility ensure your commute can be scored no matter the mode, even if it’s brand new.

Optimized for multi-modal commuting.

Our score takes every part of your journey into account, so you can get credit for biking to the bus stop.

Built for
shared mobility.

We built our Commuter Score with today’s reality in mind, so your shared ride, bike, or scooter trip is fairly judged.

Meet our partners

Our ever-growing list of mobility partners enable us to make the most accurate Commuter Score calculations.


Our innovations help you see the full picture.

“Commuter scores, based on behavioral economics, may hold the key for transportation planners.”

Rocky Mountain Institute
Independent review of our
Commute Scoring System


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