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Meet our Partners

We partner with leading mobility providers to offer better choices for our users and achieve our mission of making cities more sustainable for everyone.

Join our network of partners.

Increase adoption.

Add new users to your platform through targeted Commutifi dashboards optimized for behavior change and mobility adoption.

Quantify your impact.

Use our patented Commuter Score to instantly quantify the impact your services have on employee commuting.

Improve through data.

Use Commutifi's anonymized analytics to understand key customer metrics and voids in service.

Generate subsidies.

Drive additional subsidies from enterprises, real estate managers, and municipalities directly to your platform.

hear directly from our partners

Join forces and make sustainable commuting a reality.

Waze Carpool & Commutifi join forces to keep track of sustainable commuting.

Waze Carpool will immediately enable 88% of Commutifi users to improve their Commuter Score by an average of 39%, and for those who drive and park, an average savings of $2,280 per year.


BCycle & Commutifi partner to provide a convenient, affordable, and safe return to the office

We hope to save commuters time, money, and emissions by encouraging them to leave their vehicles at home and opt instead for a Boulder B-Cycle

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Join forces with Commutifi
and make sustainable commuting a reality.

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