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About Us

We’re building a unique data-driven platform to quantify commuting and empower smarter, faster decisions.

Who we are

Commutifi's Values

Commutifi is a team of innovators, developers, data scientists, and transportation experts committed to creating a better method of driving sustainable change in the transportation ecosystem.

We put people first.

We believe that people should always come first. Whether it’s our team or the commuters on our platform, the wellbeing of each individual should be at the center of every decision.

We are data-driven.

Good decisions require good data. Providing meaningful and actionable metrics to empower decisions that drive change is our priority.

We are connectors.

Change happens faster when everyone is involved. We connect individuals, employers, cities, and mobility providers with fast and actionable data that creates a difference.

We give everyone a
seat at the table.

From the way we grow our team to the way we design commuting plans, we strive to give everyone at the table an equal voice.

We drive sustainability
with sustainability.

We’re building a sustainable business so we can stay focused on our mission of driving the adoption of sustainable mobility for all.

We care about the
mobility community.

We cannot achieve transformational change on our own. From sharing knowledge to promoting shared mobility, we work with our mobility partners to build better cities together.


Benoit Chabert


Arthur Gaubil


Issam Hakimi

Director of Engineering

Lily Kavliuk


Andy Keeton

VP Global Strategy

Connor Martin

Head of Operations

Lorenzo Picolli


Zoë Randolph


Jazib Rasheed

Data Analyst

Francis Rochon


Esteban Sanchez


Rich Schmelzer


Paul Straw

TDM Specialist

Vivien Traineau

Technical Product Manager


Jud Valeski

Kimbal Musk

Ron Snyder


Join our team and start making an impact towards a more sustainable future.

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