Commuter Scoring Solution

We provide insights on commuting behavior and targeted mobility solutions.

Faster, cheaper and greener commutes for everyone.


Commutifi is the most advanced commuter scoring solution on the market


Solve your employees’ commuting challenges, increase retention and save money.


Understand building's in and out and attract more tenants with complete mobility solutions.


Understand your transportation ecosystem and implement

data-driven programs.

Improve commuting cost, time and carbon output for your organization

Understand complex commuting behaviors

Your organization benefits from happier commuters with increased savings, productivity and employee retention.

A proven methodology to measure commuting routes based on cost, time and carbon efficiency.

Commuter scores, based on behavioral economics, may hold the key for transportation planners says the new Rocky Mountain Institute report.


Commuter Data
User’s commuting, behavioral

& demographics data

Transportation Providers
Rideshare, carpool, shuttles,

transit, biking, connected cars, etc.

City and Building Infrastructure
GTFS, Street Infrastructure,

Parking, Building Amenities, etc.

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