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Commutifi Distributed
Office Analysis

Identify the best office distribution for your organization that maximizes safety and collaboration, while reducing the impacts commutes have on your employees.

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How can your office location enable your employees to thrive?

As companies rethink workplace strategies and what the office looks like moving forward, flexibility for employees is the common thread. A safe and effective future leverages a combination of remote work and hub and spoke models.

WeWork is partnering with Commutifi to identify the office locations that match your real estate strategy and surface the WeWork spaces that best meet those needs.

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Data tool

Using Commutifi’s Commuter Data Tool is easy.

Step 1:

Fill out an analysis request form.

Step 2:

Upload CSV files with current office and employee location information.

Step 3:

Within 1-2 business days, your WeWork representative will reach out to you with your custom report.

Custom report

What is in your custom report?

Download an example report
Current office commuter analysis
  • How are employees distributed around your office?
  • What are the estimated cost, time, and carbon impacts of commuting in your organization?
Distributed office potential
  • What office locations could make commuting easy and pain-free for your employees?
  • How could your commuter map improve with distributed offices?
Optimal office distribution
  • What combination of new office openings will optimize commuting?
  • How many employees should commute to each location?
Benefits of the distributed office
  • What are the estimated cost, time, and carbon savings of commuting to distributed offices?
  • How much would WeWork desks cost after applying these savings?

Why Commutifi?

Commutifi specializes in understanding how employees get to and from the office. Our patented Commuter Score provides a standardized methodology to compare commutes across all spectra to identify the best option for each individual according to time, cost, and carbon.

We offer an intelligent, connected, and secure tool for all your commuter analysis and management needs. Learn more about how Commutifi can help your organization.