Celebrate Earth Day By Planting a Tree On Us

Apr 22, 2022

Shahed Abotouk

Marketing Coordinator

One way we can help contribute to a cleaner planet is by thinking about our daily commute patterns, and to consider a multimodal approach to transportation. Because having transportation options everyday contributes to lower spending, time, and carbon footprint!

We are typically taught how to commute at a young age, and often one or two modes of transportation that we stick to, like driving alone, without giving it much thought. This makes it difficult to make independent and conscious transportation choices, which leads to unconsciously contributing extra commute emissions that could be prevented. 

However, we like to encourage the use of multimodal transportation through a daily commute, as it helps lower emissions while also being cost effective and more convenient! At Commutifi, we use commuter data to analyze, report, and customize commuter programs that help reduce the negative impact of CO2 on the environment, which is why, on this Earth Day, we’ve partnered with OneTreePlanted to encourage everyone to plant a tree on us today! 

Planting trees is a mindful way to help restore sustainability on earth and offset your commute. Join us by taking a big step towards contributing to a more sustainable planet by planting a tree and completing a commuter survey to find out your Commuter Score, and which multimodal transportation options work best for you. 

Your contribution will help to plant various trees (including Black Spruce, Balsam Poplar, American Aspen, Jack Pine, American Larch, and Balsam Fir) specifically designated to promote watershed restoration, biodiversity, soil stability, and erosion prevention. Try it now to offset your commute!

Here’s how to plant a tree on us:

  1. Go to https://offset.commutifi.com/

  2. Click on “De-Pollute My Commute”

  3. Complete the quick commuter survey and create an account.

  4. Learn about your commuter carbon footprint and see your Commuter Score in your new commuter portal.

  5. Click on the “Plant Trees” in Plans & Offers.

  6. Click Book to plant a tree on us.

Have any questions? Read more on our FAQ.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.

Better commuting starts here.