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Although public transportation, walking, and biking are available as alternatives from driving your vehicle. These options are still not the most common form of transportation in society due to the "just-in-case" situation. Anything from traveling to a city nearby, to an unexpected meeting off-site creates a very high barrier for people to not use their car. Cities are constantly looking for greener solutions to provide their citizens with the most efficient and green options available and businesses are struggling to scale and provide commute for everyone in denser downtown areas.

With Commutifi, our goal is to ultimately solve these problems by using our data-driven technology to implement project specific solutions


Denver Union Station


14,000 daily visitors.

Managing transportation and mobility.

  • COMMUTIFI was hired in the Fall of 2016 to help Denver Union Station manage transportation and mobility for its 14,000 daily visitors.
  • For this project we initiated and negotiated a first-of-its-kind partnership with Uber to create a safe and more user-friendly experience for visitors, while also creating an additional revenue stream for the station.
  • We are also responsible for managing all parking operations including the third party valet service, and are helping the station's 700 employees with parking and commuting options. All transportation data is captured on COMMUTIFI's platform to better inform current and future transportation decisions. 

City of Boulder, Colorado


capturing 5% of boulder's population

Door to Downtown.

  • COMMUTIFI is engaged with the City of Boulder on a number of projects to improve mobility options and access to the downtown business district and other destinations within the city and county. 
  • In November 2016, COMMUTIFI was hired to help explore the idea of connecting commuters directly from their home to Downtown Boulder with a subsidized rideshare program. 
  • "Door to Downtown" or "D2D" was piloted from November 14, 2016  through February 14, 2017 and was a wild success capturing nearly 6% of Boulder's population utilizing the service.
  • Partners included the City of Boulder, COMMUTIFI, Rocky Mountain Institute, Downtown Boulder Inc, Uber, Lyft and zTrip. The project confirmed that commuters are interested in augmenting existing mass transit and SOV's with more progressive mobility solutions.



Automatic efficient Recommendations

Commuter Desk powered by COMMUTIFI.

  • WeWork is the most innovative co-working space on the planet. With their dense office spaces in core urban areas, COMMUTIFI is helping WeWork members with commuting solutions. 
  • "Commuter Desk powered by COMMUTIFI" is a service that allows WeWork members to receive automated recommendations for the most time and cost efficient ways to get to and from the office.
  • COMMUTIFI is thrilled to partner with such a great organization and is excited to build out a custom suite of products for its members. 




Atlanta International Airport


Rideshare subsidies - Commute analysis

Sustainable commute for employees

  • Commutifi is working with UrbanTrans to analyse employee commute and subsidize “pooled” rides for the employees of the Atlanta Airport.

  • The data generated from this pilot will be used to establish more robust solutions, such as an on-demand shuttle fleet.




Blucar App Platform


blucar app - valet stand pos - validate

On-demand valet,
find a Parking-lot, Manage/Track Valet Parking or Validate your customers parking.

  • Set your destination and one of our experienced drivers will meet you there. We’ll take your car and park it in a secure lot. When you’re ready, tell us where you want your vehicle delivered. One of our valet professionals will bring your vehicle to your location.

  • Be able to choose a parking lot and simply gain access by scanning your BluCar code.

  • Track Parks, manage multiple valet stands, and stop theft all while increasing efficiency and managing; cars, payments, and trips.
  • BluCar analytics allow you to access your important data from anywhere by viewing all transactions by the hour, day, or month. Watch the progress of each stand.





Chautauqua Concert Series


Negotiate and execute an agreement with uber

Safe Pick-Up and Drop-Off.

  • In Spring of 2017 COMMUTIFI helped Chautauqua Park Concert Series negotiate and execute an agreement with UBER for designated safe pick-up and drop off locations to and from this historic concert venue.