Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Our Platform


A cognitive platform to bring solutions to the transportation ecosystem

Our data-driven technology integrates seamlessly to help commuters, enterprises, business districts, real-estate developers and cities improve their commute




Integrate with transportation nodes to capture real-time commute data


Analyze commute patterns and behaviors to surface smart insights


Explore and implement personalized mobility solutions


Reward and subsidize users to drive adoption of sustainable behaviors


A seamless solution for your business

  • Quick and easy employee on-boarding
  • Comprehensive dashboard to visualize employees commute metrics and scores
  • Commute plan management to provide flexible mobility options to employees
  • Reward and subsidy platform to create personalized incentives

An ROI measured within 90 days

Scale your business without parking hassles


Attract and retain the finest talent

Eliminate waste and optimize your spendings


Cut transportation administration costs

Benefit from a growing number of subsidies

Hit corporate sustainability goals


A platform to drive smart cities decisions

Transportation solutions are increasingly coming from private companies, which create new challenges and shift revenues and data away from cities.

Staying ahead of the change is key.


Gain insights on your transport infrastructure

Capture real-time data from private and public transportation providers, understand existing transit patterns and locate underserved areas.
Dive into the data with comprehensive visualization and recommendations

Implement Pilot Programs

Augment your transport infrastructure with provider-agnostic pilot programs. Implement first and last mile solutions, subsidy program, EV fleets, self-driving shuttle and more. Measure impact and learn.

Measure against your sustainability goals

Rely on precise data to track progress agaisn't your goals. Measure single-occupancy vehicles (SOV's), vehicle miles travelled (VMT's) and greenhouse gas emissions and adjust policies accordingly.

Take control of your curb

Draw your curbside zones, define flexible policies and collect fees. Adopt better policies to support new and safer mobility, including mass transit, ride-share, deliveries, biking and walking.

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