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Quantifying Commuter Emissions for Compliance


Import existing transportation survey and HR data into Commutifi


Determine desired ESG metrics and quantify per employee per building


Identify best locations for Liftango implementation using Commutifi mapping

Logging Commuter Emissions for Compliance


Quantify current baseline at Liftango sites with simple commuter onboarding


Log employee Liftango trips as they happen with real-time integration


Calculate desired ESG impacts for each employee and location

Reporting Commuter Emissions for Compliance


Produce automated reports for internal ESG goals and regional compliance regulations


Model and identify pathways for improved commuting ESG/Compliance outcomes


Publish white paper on achieving ESG goals through commuting for positive PR

Achieve all your end user goals.

By Integrating Commutifi's partnership to further enhance and improve your product's technology

Integrating the Commuter Score
on your platform and apps.
Integrating our platforms to improve
both our technologies for users and admins

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