Meet The Team

Rich Schmelzer


Rich is a serial startup veteran who lives to build companies on the (b)leading edge of technology. He has taken companies from the basement to $100M ARR with two exits to public companies.

Esteban Sanchez


Esteban is an entrepreneur, developer and product lead with a strong experience of bringing products to market. He's passionate about startups, where creativity, engineering, data driven analytics and innovation always collide.

Josh Jacobson

VP Business Development

Josh is a driven entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience developing strategic relationships that drive revenue and customer development. He completed a finance degree and an MBA and build a few startups of his own.

Brady Becker


Brady brings 15+ years of product and creative know-how to the table. He founded and exited multiple startups, is a TechStars alumni, attended Carnegie Mellon, and holds a Masters in Architecture.

Tomas Jablonski

Backend Architect

Tomas has been fascinated by solving difficult computing problems. From mathematically complex algorithms to hard real-time applications, Tomas has wide experience in many branches of modern computing.

Lorenzo Piccoli


Lorenzo is a full-stack developer with a deep expertise doing backend and iOS development for various startups in fintech, social and transportation. In his free time, he loves to perfect his data science and machine learning skills.

Issam Hakimi

Director of Engineering

Issam is passionate about the simplification of all technical aspect. Loving the management and concern about the environment, he joins Commutifi to share his experience.

Connor Martin


Connor thrives at the junction of entrepreneurship and social impact. He grows businesses through analysis-backed strategy and storytelling. He graduated from Princeton University and earned a Masters from Indiana University.

Francis Rochon

Front-End Developer

Francis is thrilled to join Commutifi as a graduate from software engineering, and very happy to be able to impact positively the environment while persuing his passion. Francis has great interest in high quality user interface development.

Andy Keeton
Sustainability & Product Strategist

Andy's passion sits at the intersection of human behavior, tech innovation, and sustainability. He helps companies build strategies that drive real user adoption. He holds a B.S. in engineering from UC Berkeley and a master's in Sustainable Transportation from CU Boulder.

Arthur Gaubil


Arthur is a full-stack developer having just graduated McGill University with an engineering degree. Being able to work towards a cleaner planet while working

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Advisory Board

Jud Valeski

Formerly founder and CTO of Gnip (acquired by Twitter), and has worked at IBM, Netscape,, and AOL.

Kimbal Musk

Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year (World Economic Forum). Founder of the sustainable food company The Kitchen and Big Green, Zip2 (acquired by Compaq), and board member of Tesla, SpaceX and Chipotle.

Ron Snyder

Former CEO of CROCS and founder and Executive Chairman of Codigo Tequila. Ron also served as President of Flextronics Semiconductor, Inc.

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