Commuter Amenities

for your Tenants

Offer your current and prospective tenants modern mixed mobility commuting solutions.

Our Offering

A mixed-mobility platform for your buildings.

Shared Mobility

We source and provide monthly mobility solutions through Uber, Lyft, Chariot, LimeBike, Bird, etc.


We source and provide parking and valet services through the largest parking companies in the country.


We work with cities to create and subsidize mobility solutions to stranded asset locations.


We learn about your tenants habits (coffee, gym, etc.) to help improve your building amenities accordingly.

Commutifi Platform

Commuter Score

Refer tenants to a Commutifi link where we ask a few questions and render a Commuter Score.

Mobility Plan

Based on tenant Commuter Scores, we develop personalized mobility plans for your building. 


Commuters pick from the various plans and subscribe directly through our platform.


How does our platform benefits you

More Deals

Attract more tenants by increasing ease of commuting to your building. 

Visualize Data

Learn about how your tenants are commuting, transportation modes, CO2 emissions and more.

Reduce Workload

Free up community and asset managers time with our one stop shop solution. 


Preemptively plan and strategize any capacity issues that may strand assets in the future.

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