Smart commuting decisions for your residents

Get the data and expertise needed to make data-driven decisions for the future of your city.

Get the complete transportation picture

Capture real-time data from private and public transportation providers, understand existing transit patterns and locate underserved areas.

Provide data-driven subsidies to encourage more sustainable and efficient commuting habits. Allocate your subsidy dollars in the most efficient ways possible while tracking precise impact.  

Rely on precise data to track progress agaisn't your goals. Measure single-occupancy vehicles (SOV's), vehicle miles travelled (VMT's) and greenhouse gas emissions and adjust policies accordingly.

Augment your transport infrastructure with provider-agnostic pilot programs. Implement first and last mile solutions, subsidy program, EV fleets, self-driving shuttle and more. Measure impact and learn.

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Commuter scores, based on behavioral economics, may hold the key for transportation planners says the new Rocky Mountain Institute report.

Commutifi City Solutions


Better access to business districts within your city. 


Commutifi analyzed city commuting data and instituted a subsidized rideshare program for residents to travel to and from Downtown Boulder . 


"Door to Downtown" was a wild success capturing nearly 6% of Boulder's population utilizing the service.


Partners included Uber, Lyft and zTrip. The program confirmes that commuters are interested in augmenting existing mass transit and using progressive mobility solutions.

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Create additional revenue. Manage transportation hubs more efficiently. 


Commutifi initiated and negotiated a first-of-its-kind partnership with Uber to create a safe and more user-friendly experience for Union Stations 14,000 daily visitors.


The program also created an additional revenue stream for the station.

All transportation data is captured on the Commutifi platform to better inform current and future transportation decisions. 

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