Welcome to"On-Board"

You have landed here because part of your job is to onboard new employees to your enterprise and/or help employees discover new and existing parking and commuter services at your enterprise.  


“On-Board” will help you easily create and run amenity programs for all of your employees parking, commuting and facilities access needs.  Once you have completed this short process Commutifi will create a link that you can give to each employees that lets the employees register.  Once registered, they will receive a Commuter Score based on the time, cost and energy efficiency of their commute along with a custom dashboard showing all the building’s parking, commuting and building amenities (highlighted below).  As manager of that amenity, you will also receive an anonymized aggregated map featuring the time, cost and energy efficiency of your employees commutes in/out of your building. This data can also be used to support/report commuter emissions data for states or cities that require air quality and traffic mitigation if any.

Our platform helps you integrate:


  • Internal Parking - Spaces included with your lease located within the building

  • External Parking - Spaces leased through you but external to the building

  • Referral Parking - Spaces that you refer members to when other lots are full or priced to high

  • Street parking - Spaces located on the streets outside the building

Public Mass Transit Routes

  • Trains / Light Rail

  • Bus

  • Ferries

  • Shuttles


Private Transit

  • Offered by building, landlord, employer, the City or others


New mobility options

  • CarPool and VanPool options - We have teamed with companies like Waze Carpool, RideAmigos, Scoop, WeDriveU, Beeline Mobility and others.

  • Rideshare - We have teamed with Lyft and Uber.

  • Bike/Scooter Share - We have teamed with Lime, Bird, Jump and others.

We also help with:

Subsidies - Allows the building, landlord, employer, city or others to offer full or partial subsidies to each employees for any service they subscribe to like,

  1. Parking cashout Incentives - for employees that would rather take a portion of the monthly parking cost as increased pay rather then drive and park each day.

  2. Parking, rideshare, carpool, vanpool, scooter/bike share, shuttle, other - Allows subsidy provider to pay for all or a portion of the of these costs.

Building Amenities Access - Any other passes your employees may need like gym, building entry, spa, pool or any access that requires a member to fill out a separate form for in order to receive a badge or pass.

Automatic Registration and PDF Generation - With Commutifi once the user subscribes to any service mentioned above, we dynamically print out the form for the member or electronically register them. This helps your members avoids “form fatigue” caused by filling multiple forms for parking, EV charging, gym access, etc. on their first day. These forms include LAZ, ACE, SP+, Spotman, evGo, Charge Point, and many more.

Reporting and Business Intelligence  - Your Commutifi Dashboard allows you and your team to quantify your employees daily commuting routines so that you can better offer tactical amenities and potentially identify future locations. As an "amenity example" if 40% of employees are working out and 35% grab coffee on their way to work this could be an indicator that these amenities should be located within the building or nearby.  As a "location example" if you see large pockets of members traveling from 1 specific area this may be a location ripe for an additional location or a shuttle or carpool program.

Your workflow and timeline:

Day 1

  • Fill out the 1st half of the survey - 15 minutes

  • On completion a Commutifi representative will contact you at the phone number provided within 24 hours.

Day 2 ~ 7  

  • Based on proposal meeting Commutifi representative will draft a Scope of Work and Proposal.

By Day 2 ~ 10

  • Sign Final SOW and Proposal - For existing locations but at least 90 days prior to a new location opening is prefered. If you are within the 90 day period we will have addressed in the Final SOW.

  • Complete mobility document - 15min to 3hrs (you can start to fill this data on Day 1 it just depends on how readily available all the data is)  

  • Send an invite for a video call for 5 to 10 days out for a final dashboard review for approval - 30 minutes

By Day 5 ~ 20

  • Commutifi will send the custom link for distribution for your employees along with a dashboard link for your aggregated view.

Employee workflow and timeline:

As stated above Commutifi will send the custom link for distribution for your employees along with a dashboard link for your aggregated view. This commuter registration link should be sent to all current and future employees along with an email that we will “ghost write” explaining why its so important to take 3 minutes to register their commute. The email copy of which will look something like:

Good Afternoon All-


We have partnered with a company called Commutifi, who help us manage our commuting, parking and building amenities. Ultimately, Commutifi is a Commuter Scoring platform that optimizes mobility for commuters, enterprises, buildings and business districts.


We feel a responsibility toward our employees to provide them with the best possible work experience, a part of which is helping them get to and from work in a safe and cost effective manner. The increasing prices associated with commuting is challenging for many people, our goal here with Commutifi is to help offset those expenses through subsidies and other programs through Commutifi and designed by the City, Federal (IRS Section 132 benefits) and local transportation programs available at this location.    


We would greatly appreciate it if you and your teams took a moment to register your commute as we drive toward building out and improving our commuter policies and options. This process is designed to gauge if each employees has the best, cheapest, and greenest commuting options available to them. Not only will this survey analyze the cost, time and energy efficiency of current commuting habits, it will surface all possible subsidies available to our team members including IRS Commuter Rebates for Uber, Parking, Biking and the use of Mass Transit.  


Please share this link with your team members, and take a moment to complete it as well, so we can offer our people better, more affordable and greener commuting options.


Thanks in advance for you help in this regard, and I hope this finds you well.

 © Commutifi