Optimize commuting

for your Business

Complete commuting solutions that save money, retain employees and reduce your company carbon footprint. 

Key Benefits

Save an average of $700/employee per year!

Save time, money and enhance employee productivity

ROI per employee is less than one month

Supports sustainability reporting and performance goals

Discover new mobility options through our network partners

Promote commuter wellness. Less stress and time wasted on commuting

Commutifi Platform

Quick and easy employee onboarding

Comprehensive dashboard to visualize employees commute metrics and scores

Commuting plans to provide flexible mobility options to employees

Rewards and subsidies platform to create personalized incentives

Incentivize employees to adopt sustainable behavior

In 2017 over 5,795 million metric tons of CO2 emitted in the US!


Commutifi Solutions

Our data-driven approach can help your business eliminate commuting waste, and save money.

Commutifi is working with UrbanTrans to analyse employee commute and subsidize “pooled” rides for the employees of the Atlanta Airport.

The data generated from this will be used to establish more robust solutions for equitable mobility.

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