The standard for Commuter Scoring

An open mobility platform to quantify and score all commuting routes


A proven methodology. We score commuting routes based on cost, time and carbon efficiency.

Aggregating datasets from all sources

Commuter Data

User's commuting data and behavioral & demographic factors

Rideshare, carpool, shuttles, transit, biking, connected cars, etc.

Transportation Providers

Parking, GPS, Street infrastructure, building amenities, bikeshare, etc.

Building & City Infrastructure

We believe in open data

The Commuter Score is used by a network of partners as a standardized way to quantify mobility solutions and allocate subsidies.

Being part of the network is being part of a growing ecosystem of mobility solutions aiming to drive adoption of more sustainable mobility.

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Commuter scores, based on behavioral economics, may hold the key for transportation planners says the new Rocky Mountain Institute report.


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